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Galapagos Islands

One day in a Galapagos

Naturalist Cruise

The yacht sails around the archipelago during 15 days in two 8-day segments, with itineraries established by the Galapagos National park for each boat, in order to avoid visitor’s crowding.
Navigation between islands is done usually at night, while we rest from the activities of the day before. The experience on each island and on each visitor’s site is always different. Depending on this, breakfast could start between 5:30 and 7:00 in the morning, before we disembark. Depending also on the season and climatic events that we may have some days, we might disembark before breakfast to catch the best of the morning.
Every site has a trail that has been established by the Galapagos National Park. The time we take in the visit will depend mainly in the quality, quantity and activity of the fauna of that place. There are not pre established time tables or tight schedules; we are totally flexible to conditions and happenings of the moment, although always respecting the regulations established by the National Park.
The experience can be so varied, from the observation of birds in their courtship dances, to the wonderful event of a sea lion birth. From dramatic moments of the wildlife and less viewed by the common visitor, like the killing of storm petrels by short eared owls on Tower Island or the hunt of young marine iguanas by great blue herons or Galapagos hawks. The Galapagos experience is a daily learning of creation and evolution, about life and death in a magical scenario where we can witness day by day the natural events that inspired Charles Darwin and which make us feel for a moment the essence of the natural world.
Half of the Galapagos Experience is done underwater. In the majority of visitor sites, we have the opportunity to snorkel, going underwater in places where there are large numbers of sea lions that come close to play and cavort around you in some style of aquatic ballet. In other sites, the near presence of Galapagos penguins, sea turtles, marine iguanas, sharks that surprise us with their seeming tameness, it’s an indescribable experience due to the emotions and sensations that makes us feel as if we were in Paradise.
Back at the yacht, they are waiting for us with refreshments and snacks to bring us back to reality and remind us that we need fuel for warming up and getting back the energy we lost with so many emotions, not before we had washed away any vestige of the recent walks we had so to avoid any possible contamination of the next place we will visit. After the necessary time to shower and dress, we are ready to enjoy a delicious lunch in which the chef will have excelled in the most extraordinary way to pamper our palate with the culinary wonders, while we share the experiences of the morning activities.
After lunch and while you are enjoying a repairing and well earned siesta the yacht will run for a short distance to the next visitor’s site. In this run there might be several sightings that will keep you up and alert. Our waters have several species of dolphins and whales and can be seen most of the year. It is a very gratifying experience to be on the sun deck and marvel away with just the sights of the spectacular coastline or the way frigate birds follow the ship playing around using the drafts caused by the ships movement. If one of this events occur like whale or dolphin sightings, the yacht captain will have no problem slowing down or stopping all together, or even temporarily divert its course so you can enjoy at its maximum this event, which is not that common.
The visit in the afternoon can be as rewarding as the morning one. The Galapagos magic experiences are not only given by its fantastic fauna and flora; on many places we will learn close by the geological and volcanic events that gave shape to this wonderful archipelago. Remnants of old and recent eruptions, uplifting masses of land which emerged from the bottom of the sea creating new islands or parts of others, enormous lava flows which at cooling left the oddest formations or even underground lava tunnels that run for miles in some cases, and then the erosion caused by the relentless ocean for millions of years which left semi submerged volcanoes that today give shape to the most spectacular landscapes where life teems on with corals, algae, invertebrates and all kinds and shapes of colorful fish.
We’ll return to the yacht in the late afternoon, while the clouds get a reddish tint and the fiery disc of the sun slowly submerges itself into the ocean as if it was the magnificent closing of a monumental theatrical play in a marvelous display of all the shades of reds and oranges, in a glorious simulation of volcanic eruptions as it must have been at the creation of the Galapagos Archipelago.