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Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Experience

A Galapagos cruise with SunWind Travel is an experience on which you will participate in walks and observation of the wildlife on each island in intimate contact with nature.
You’ll be exploring in kayaks or in the “pangas” through spectacular sea and landscapes, where there is no other means to reach this wonderful places. You’ll engage in swimming and snorkeling among sea lions, penguins, sharks, sea turtles, and marine iguanas and a myriad of different fish and marine invertebrates.
We give priority to the experience of getting to see and learn about the islands and all its natural worlds making the most of the time we have to the activities on land and water rather than luxury time on board. This without neglecting your comfort and offering the best in service.
With the help of SunWind Travel you will enjoy an unforgettable vacation and your visit to the Archipelago will become a learning and full of intense emotion experience. Each day in the Galapagos is a unique experience where events that no one else has ever seen before. The Naturalist guide and the yacht's crew will do their best to enhance those moments at their maximum, even if this means to get up at early hours, delay lunch for several minutes or any change that might seem necessary, in order to have a lifetime experience. But our personnel will do all this with a smile and good will.

Marine Iguana
Giant Tortoise
Red-footed Booby

Each day we disembark quite early, when wildlife is at their major moment of activity, light is still soft and perfect for photographic purposes and temperature is still quite comfortable. This also allows us to enjoy longer and without any hurry on our visits without the presence of other visitors from other boats that start their visits later, when animals and birds start lessening their activity due to higher temperatures or birds that have already left the islands in their quest for food for their young at the vast ocean.
Our disembarking, walks and water activities are designed to cause a minimal impact if any. Most of the time we sit and observe trying not to call their attention, this is the time to take fantastic pictures, amazing close up shots that you will proudly show friends and family once you are back home. We do not invade their spaces, nor interact with them and maintaining their indifference towards us while we enjoy this magical almost religious experience of the Galapagos Islands.