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Terms and Conditions

Our responsibility and our desire is to provide the client with all the information needed and the best tourism service available in Ecuador, in accordance with the standard of excellence and reliability which characterizes SunWind Travel. To achieve our objective, the client is subject to the conditions described below, which must be read, understood and accepted before paying for the reservation. On making the first deposit, the client automatically accepts these terms and conditions. The conditions, terms and information herein described are applicable to all the services and programs sold by SunWind Travel, which we shall refer to as SWT from now on.


Reservations can be made by filling up our contact form. As we endeavor to keep the groups small, most of our trips fill six to twelve months ahead, depending on the destination and the activity. Therefore we recommend making your reservations well ahead of time. If the dates requested are not available, SWT will make other suggestions and alternative proposals seeking to satisfy your requirements.

Form of Payment

You can make a Wire Transfer directly to our bank in Quito. All the details of your deposit must be sent to SWT, for the bank to verify that your deposit has been credited. The date when the deposit is credited to our account will be considered the date of reservation. The depositor must cover any costs involved in the transfer or deposit. All our prices are given in US dollars and payment must be made in the same currency. When SWT receives your deposit, we immediately send a folder containing detailed lists of equipment and clothing which you must bring, invoice, information about security, medical certificate and any further information needed to prepare for your voyage. Before the date of final payment, the forms, such as the medical certificate and personal details, must be filled in and sent to SunWind Travel, PO Box 17 22 20439, Quito - Ecuador. In that way we can arrange your trip in the most suitable and responsible manner.

Payment Schedule

Galapagos and Land Trips Deposit
From time of reservation until 91 days prior to departure 30%
90 to 61 days prior to departure 50%
60 days prior to departure Balance

The total amount on the invoice must be credited to our account before the departure date, according to the payment schedule mentioned above. SWT reserves the right to cancel the tour and charge for the cancellation if the client does not comply with the requirements. The price of a tour may vary at any time, without previous notice. Payments in full will guarantee that there is no increase in the price.

Cancellations & Refunds

SWT must be notified of all cancellations in writing, by post or fax. The following amounts or percentages will be charged to cover the cost of cancellation, based on the date when SWT receives the notification:

Galapagos Trips Cancellation Policy
From time of reservation until 120 days prior to departure 10%
119 to 60 days prior to departure 30%
59 days prior to departure 100%

Land Trips Cancellation Policy
From time of reservation until 90 days prior to departure 10%
89 to 30 days prior to departure 30%
29 days prior to departure 100%

Reservations and cancellation of charters have different conditions; further details will be given, to be studied and signed together with the reservation. Call for details. There will be no partial refund for hotels, meals, tour parties or services not used.


Alterations to the tour, on the part of the passengers, on dates close to the departure or after the departure are not always possible; nevertheless, SWT is always ready to do its best for our passengers. In the case of making any change to the trip, there will not be any refund and we reserve the right to charge whatever additional amount necessary to cover the cost of the changes. SWT reserves the right to make changes in its trip at any time because of acts of God (e.g. mechanical failure, sociopolitical problems, environmental problems, changes in the policies of parks and reserves, weather or whatever circumstance beyond our control). These changes are generally minor and may involve the itinerary, accommodation, transport, etc. and are made principally for your safety and well-being or for reasons of cultural or environmental conservation. In no case are changes made where the client is disadvantaged by the quality of the service offered. If the changes involve a decrease in the price of accommodation, transport or other services, the difference will be refunded to the passenger. SWT will inform the client or the travel agency, as far in advance as possible, of any change which we are forced to make. In case the change is inconvenient, if it is made before departure, the client has the right to cancel the trip, if notification is received in writing up to 7 days after we have advised the client of the change.


SWT may be obliged to cancel a trip because of acts of God (e.g. war, attacks, insurrection, terrorism, civil disturbances, acts of vandalism, restrictions or government regulations, natural disasters, adverse weather conditions, damage or technical problems involving transport and/or infrastructure, changes in operation by third parties such as air or sea transport companies and whatever other situation of insecurity beyond our control). In such cases SWT may or may not refund the money paid, partially or totally, depending on penalties imposed by third parties or service providers, without legal responsibility for indemnification or compensation of any kind. Should any of these reasons for cancellation occur once the tour has commenced, we reserve the right to make modifications to the same, as necessary. If these modifications cause delay, loss of transport connections or whatever other inconvenience, SWT is free from any obligation to pay compensation.

Medical & Health

Participants must be in good physical health to be able to enjoy a voyage of adventure. However, we are able to make the necessary preparations to receive people who have a medical problem or some type of incapacity requiring special attention or treatment. It is important for passengers with medical problems to let us know of their condition and needs well before the trip. We must be aware of any special dietary needs at least 30 days ahead. Every participant will receive sufficient medical information and must complete a form giving information regarding health, as well as submit a medical certificate. If you have any problem or incapacity, or if you are over 65 years of age, the medical certificate must be signed by your doctor. If your participation in the trip has already been confirmed and your doctor does not approve your health certificate, the normal penalties for cancellation will be applied. SWT reserves the right to disqualify a member of the group during the trip, if it considers that he or she is not in a fit condition to continue the trip or if participation puts the group or the person concerned at risk. If because of lack of accurate information, or incomplete details, we have not been prepared for this situation or we have not previously rejected him or her from participating, there will be no refund nor compensation for costs. SWT does not assume any responsibility for the provision of medical care in these cases. It is the responsibility of each member of the trip to choose a tour in accordance with physical capacities and health. Many of our trips include vigorous activities which may be dangerous for older people or those with medical problems, like long walks over irregular terrain, often at a height of between 3000 and 4000 meters, walks in tropical forests, wet landings and embarkations in slippery places and on lava rocks, cycling in the mountains and long rides on horseback. We recommend that you consult your doctor regarding your intention to undertake a voyage of this type and that you do exercises to improve your physical fitness and thus derive greater benefit from our voyages of adventure. Diving in Galapagos is recommended only for experienced divers. There may be very strong currents present (3 knots) or cold water (16°C).

Responsibilities of Trip Members

Trip members have certain responsibilities towards SWT, crew members and other passengers. They are responsible for knowing and understanding the conditions of the voyage and the itinerary, selecting a trip in accordance with their interests, abilities and physical condition and preparing themselves for the trip, studying the supplementary information and the itinerary supplied by SWT. The participation of passengers in the activities, programmed or not, on any of our trips involving any kind of risk, like aquatic sports, mountaineering, etc. are entirely their responsibility. Minors who take part in a trip or any activity with SWT are the responsibility of their parents or legal guardian and must always be accompanied by an adult. SWT is not responsible for any acts, activities and its consequences of any passenger, because of consumption, possession, purchase or acquisition, by whatever means, of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs; this is solely the responsibility of the passenger. In accordance with Ecuadorian law, the consumption and possession of drugs is not permitted. In case of problems because of this, the passenger involved will be removed from the trip and must compensate SWT for any injury or damage there may be. SWT reserves the right to remove from the trip, any passenger who, by actions or behavior, puts at risk the other members of the trip, or other people, or him or herself or the environment. The same applies if a passenger encroaches on the rights, affecting the wellbeing or enjoyment of the other trip members, or if he or she in any way hinders the normal course of the same. If any trip member is removed before the end of the voyage for any of the reasons described in this document, that person will not have any right to compensation nor refund. SWT will not be responsible for the costs of accommodation, meals, transport, deportation nor any other expense incurred by the passenger for any of the reasons previously outlined.

Limitations of Liability

SWT, as organizer of the tour, and its agents act solely as agents for the providers of services related to transport, accommodation and all other services involved in trips and tourism. All the tickets, orders or vouchers are issued in conformity with the terms and conditions under which these services are offered or provided. SWT and its agents are not responsible for any injury, damage, loss, accident, delay or irregularity which may be caused by some defect in a vehicle supplied by another company or person to comply with the services contracted, nor for noncompliance with the arrangements previously made nor the negligence of whatever other company or person in supplying, or failure to supply, the services expected, for which the tickets or vouchers are issued. The airline companies will not take responsibility for any act, omission or event during the time that the passengers are not on board their transport. The printed contract to transport passengers which use the airlines concerned, by the mere fact of its being issued, constitutes the only contract between SWT and/or its agents, the airline and the purchaser and/or passenger. The air fares outlined, in order to provide information, are subject to change without previous notice. On paying the deposit to SWT, the depositor agrees to abide by the terms and conditions described in this document.